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South Park just keeps punching society in the gut, but nobody seems to notice. Forget what you think you know about the show. On the surface, yes, plenty have found many things to complain about. But under the surface, where … Continue reading

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What About The Staff?

Think back, how many times has someone said “I just want to see who his staff is..” as if they are Kid Football Business. How many people have made that statement but can name maybe 5 assistant coaches excluding Nebraska’s … Continue reading

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Site launching

So, this site will just be a mix of sports thoughts, funny posts, life in Nebraska blogging, and more. It will just be a good place to get a laugh.   Things will keep changing, eventually it will move to … Continue reading

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Packers Will Win Super Bowl XLIX

Yep I’m making my prediction now. With only a couple weeks left, the courage I’m displaying is definitely up there. Up there with those who Predict the World Series winners in Game 6. But hey, at least I’m willing to … Continue reading

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Ferrari In Omaha

Omaha, NE – Monday afternoon seemed like a normal Friday, Mike Nelson, 32, was sitting at a red light. In his 2003 Honda Accord, he looked around and saw a late 90’s Ford Explorer, missing a hub cap, and an … Continue reading

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