Ferrari In Omaha

Omaha, NE – Monday afternoon seemed like a normal Friday, Mike Nelson, 32, was sitting at a red light. In his 2003 Honda Accord, he looked around and saw a late 90’s Ford Explorer, missing a hub cap, and an early 2000’s Chevy Malibu. Another normal afternoon in Omaha he thought to himself. Then, he saw it, a bright orange Ferrari. Mike had no idea what year it was, but chances are it was only a year or two old. It rolled up beside him, roaring with horsepower and European awesomeness. He couldn’t believe it, a Ferrari, in his own city! Mike quickly pulled out his IPhone 4 and snagged a picture as he sat at the light. “I felt like I was on Sunset Boulevard. I thought I was seeing Tom Cruise, surely Burt Reynolds wouldn’t be far off in his neon green Lamborghini.” Mike recalled. Other reports quickly made the radio. Andrew Grey, a local radio show producer, said his phone wouldn’t stop ringing with callers, asking if there was some event going on. “I got four callers asking if there was a car show going on today. Then I got five more asking if a celebrity was filming five minutes of a movie here. Then 2 asking about my long distance choice. It was a busy afternoon, not one person wanted to talk about the previous night’s sports happenings, they only wanted to know, who is in the Ferrari, and why the hell is he or she here.” Andrew says. “Of course, I didn’t know. Nobody had told us anything.”

Most in town heard about it through a friend or family member. Facebook started having various pictures popping up. Some risking their safety and others to get the pick while both cars were rushing down the road, ignoring the fact a large pothole could cause everyone around some serious problems. Rick Sutton heard about it from his daughter, she was taking her kid to day care and spotted the orange machine rolling around. “She kept saying she felt like she was in Manhattan, I told her most people don’t drive in Manhattan.” Rick stated. Most had no idea who was in the car. “I do know a guy who drives a Mercedes, but it’s a few years old.” Says Tim Russell, 40, of Omaha.

After a few hours of records searching, the owner was tracked down. Tom Serno, 55, from Omaha, is the owner of this mysterious orange ride. “When I go for a ride in it, I get pictures taken, people coming up to me asking what movie I starred in, or other crazy questions. I mean, I’m not an actor, don’t own a sports franchise, nor do I really know anyone in music. I simply worked really hard all my life, and put a lot of money away for many years and bought myself a present, as a reward. Now I’m practically a celebrity” Tom happily shares. “I did have to travel to get it, not many Ferrari dealers in this part of the country.” Tom also notes. Frank Jones, 56, from Omaha, is Tom’s neighbor. He doesn’t understand all the hype. “It’s a rolling orange, oh big deal, he bought a Ferrari, I bought a Louis Vuitton bag for my wife, and nobody says a word. If being a flashy jerk gets you attention, count me out.” Says a very angry Frank. Betty Johns, 68, from Omaha, “Tom is such a nice guy, he once gave me a ride to the grocery in his beautiful Ferrari. I felt like I was Bette Davis, going to a premier. All my lady friends at bingo were so jealous, then I won six games that night, clearly it was good luck.” Betty recalls. Ethel Thurman, 78, recalls the six game win streak: “First she wouldn’t shut up about the Ferrari, then she won six games. I should have stayed home and watched Matlock.”

Tom has not entered it into any car shows, last report, but many say he should. Clearly, when Tom goes for a ride, in his orange machine, heads turn, and a buzz is created.

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