Packers Will Win Super Bowl XLIX


I’m making my prediction now. With only a couple weeks left, the courage I’m displaying is definitely up there. Up there with those who Predict the World Series winners in Game 6. But hey, at least I’m willing to document my prediction right here, right now. It has nothing to do with the fact that while in middle school I wrote Brett Favre, Reggie White, and other all star Packer players from their Super Bowl all over my binder, with the final score in bold letters. No, that’s not why I’m making this prediction.

Ok, that’s only half true. Yes, I do think Green Bay will win the Bowl because I love the team and want them to win. But it really looks favorable for that outcome. Eddie Lacy and James Starks are running wild. Randall Cobb and Jordy Nelson are catching bombs, and Aaron Rodgers keeps making the couple dozen teams who had a shot at him look like morons. Is there a better QB in the NFL than Mr. Rodgers? Welcome to his neighborhood, where either he’s going to burn ya for a down the field pass, hand it to either Lacy, Starks, or the bruiser Kuhn for a big gain, or take off himself and burn ya for 15 yards. Oh don’t forget the secondary that is playing solid, Clay Matthews looks reborn, and Julius Peppers is proving Chicago picked the wrong big name pass rusher.

Green Bay is winning football games on the ground, in the air, and through aggressive defense. It baffles the mind to see how so many teams build themselves through the air, but leave nothing for the ground. Thompson drafted Eddie Lacy and instantly made Aaron Rodgers one of the happiest people in all of Wisconsin. it is not hard to see that point or get why I say it, but yet teams don’t do it! You know who else is a threat to win the Super Bowl? Dallas. Why? Run game. Having a run game that is built for December. The difference is Dallas has rode DeMarco Murray all year, Eddie Lacy is just getting started. As a fantasy owner of Eddie Lacy, I can confirm he’s less wear on him than Murray.

Plus 16 turnover margin at this point in the season, Aaron dancing around as the Atlanta pass rush waits a minute or two to even pressure him. Lacy dancing for more and more yardage.

This is not fan wishful thinking, this is watching a team do everything right, at the right time.

GO PACK GO! Sorry. I mean, should be interesting.

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